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Yep, mine is terrible a leash walk. I got her the harness to prevent the pull chocking because of that reason. I possibly did not spend enough time with the u turn, treat training. I wanted to resolve the problem by going around the obstacle....so to speak. I knew she needed walking. I changed route and begun going in remote wooded trails where I could keep her unleashed. It worked for me because I wasn't looking for walking around the block kind of exercise, but I truly did not solve the problem.
She does very well without leash, doesn't not even bother about other dogs if by any chance we encounter one. Stops when she sees humans, responds to commands very well...understand turn and just simply runs freely. I think in the overall this is best for your dog because it has taught her obedience without fear or constrains. it also exploit and maximize your dog energy, and yours too...ha ha ha.
As I posted on event forum....she did excellent on park trail 5K race. She was the only dog unleashed. She just stayed with the runners for 95% of the course (deviated on wooded patch to chase chipmunk 2 times).
BUT once in a while I am forced to urban walks and here we go the pulling trend goes....I usually do these walks at night. So I take her to a field and unleash her there. She goes nuts. Even runs circles.
I would say that I also like to get her to "leash walk" better. She even stays beside me and listen if I walk her without leash...but once I put that damn thing on is another story. I truly would like to work more on this leash walk exercise.

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