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Oh no don't get me wrong we do take them on several walks, swims, and hikes. But I take them there to socialize them. A couple out here were looking for a pit bull so I found one for them and they never took him places or around other dogs, and unfortunately the dog is not people and dog aggressive. We don't take them up there as often now but when we do if I see an owner not watching after their dogs because they THINK they won't do anything I ask them to leave or go to the other side where they don't have to worry about their dogs biting mine. I have pretty submissive dogs and they are not DA whatsoever but I still keep and eye on them so if anyone tried to say that they attacked first then I have the upper hand whether not my dogs are pit bulls or not. I live on a military base and everyone knows my dogs and knows how sweet they are.but if it came down to it and my dogs ever got out of line I would not take them up there. Guam I'd rabies free and we take them for regular checkups so I'm not afraid that they will contract a disease or anything of that sort. Sorry for the long paragraph!

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Loops the dog is NOW* people and dog aggressive and he is only 7 months old.

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