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Originally Posted by welder View Post
jimmybyrd,i'd like to suggest a few things to you that mite help your cause..

first read as much as you can find..plenty of articals on the www that can help you learn more towards the type of dog you're looking for..

next, when you come back here and I hope you do,just ask your question and be str8 up with it...the term you use[beast] I hear it from my kids about dogs in my yard.and they little bitty things. i know where you're coming from with that..but the way you had it worded is what put some of these folks on edge..

3rd..dont be so thin skinned.

it sounds like to me you're moving????wait till you get settled in and then have your ducks in a row...and then go talk to some folks in your area.
I;m sure they'll help you in you search

YIS, Ricky
I'm glad you know what I mean by beast. It's slang(I'm 18 so I tend to use a lot of slang). But I'm only moving a county over so not a big difference in the people that's around. Most of the pitbulls in my general area are mutts. Or are bred by bad breeders. Don't know who I can trust that's why I came here. And Just Tap Pits seems like your starting to be nice. I appreciate that and I wasn't being a butt hole when I replied. I know what produced means in the "dog world" just I figured you guys would know what I meant. I guess I'll word things differently. And if I accidently said something that doesn't sound right or if it sounds ignorant please let me know. I'm really not trying to be ignorant.
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