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Originally Posted by ames View Post
I would totally rule out a non reputable responsible breeder and ones that do not health test are not responsible, no matter the breed. I have heard many times people need to do XYZ to not be a BYB. Then they go on and say when push comes to shove the APBT is different and doesn't need health testing as much. Ugh totally defeats the purpose of health testing. Ones that do not health test heart hips eyes aren't reputable to me. I know breeders that health test. I know many many too many who do not. I would totally hold out til I found one that did everything I considered responsible breeder. Like I said above there are many things that quantify a reputable breeder why waste time with those not willing to do it all? Why consider those who half ass it and don't do all they can to ensure their stock is sound? And if they do health test there are many other factors for me. I don't like people's goal to just breed pets. Why!? There are so many pets out there already. I could go on and on lol

Everyone will differ on what they think is responsible vs irresponsible but health testing is a big one for me. Totally separate the men from the boys IMO

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I have to agree. Maybe the APBT doesn't have as many genetic health problems as shepherds NOW, but if people aren't doing the tests today, then down the road they might end up with just as many. I'm not in a rush so I'll have plenty of time to check out some events !

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