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Originally Posted by 2tone View Post
I wondered this question also... Do people go off of looks at all?

My small worry, is, upon the time we actually get our first bull, will people judge based off of looks? I am a large guy, buzzed/shaved head, sleeved tattoos, etc. I've received the wrong impression many of times in life, gotten plenty of disgusted, scared looks.

I know most of the pitbull community is obviously a diverse community in the first place, so this shouldn't be a concern?
I judge people on my first impressions and im rarely wrong. Never on looks i could judge them with my eyes closed...and i do LOL.
I think people will judge the business suit with a pitbull the same as a biker with a pit bull. because there is a pit bull on the end of a leash you automatically get judged. I took grizz on a great walk today ... our usual route. A business women on her 15min break approached me and said how perfect me and my dog go together. i was in my usual blue jeans collared shirt. She was more reffering to my rugged bearded appearance and my muscular rugged dog. I think the dog you own should reflect what you feel inside APBT are for rugged individuals withlots of energy and initiative. You must be consistent in your behavior with your dog so that he too can be be consistant with his. This is not about this thread at all sorry for the hijack but i like what 2tone said and i wanted to elaborate. I dont care if your 7'4" 400lbs and eat homeless people if you have a well behaved smiling pit bull on the end of your leash. you will only get judged as having an outstanding animal. I do not condone eating the homeless! they are not nutritious lol
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