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Originally Posted by TashasLegend
Thanks...Yeah APBT's are excellent escape artists! lol..I've come to realize this after my dad's 90lb+ APBT Bruno jumped a 7 ft fence w/ no problem!:eek:
*His eyes are actually light green*

Legend jumped over the fence once b/c he heard me pull up in the front of the house and heard me talking on my cell phone. Next thing I know he comes hallin' ass down the other side of the fence and barreling toward me w/ bully smile on his face! I'm like WTF??!! LOL. No More Outside for you Legend unsupervised not even for a second! lol...I know he won't go anywhere but still scared me!
haha yeah chavez had the 32" cage at first. I would leave the house and put him in the cage. When i came home he was out the cage. Some how he found a way to use his tongue and move the latch from the inside. the crazy thing is the cage has two doors to it. Each door has two latches. A bottom and top. He would open the bottom latch and force his body thru the cage with the door only half open at the bottom. He'd have scrapes all over his belly. I bought him the 48" cage. He escaped again. Till i got smart and started to tie the latches when I leave. But when I came back home he'd pee and shit in the cage. I felt bad after that. I jus left him in the cage for like 15 min periods for him to get used to it. He never did. I leave him out now. The good thing is he either sleeps until I come back home or he lays by the window and waits for me to pull up in the drive way. Hes cool though
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