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Question 8 1/2 yr old Pitbull

She has been going through a phase since the beginning of Spring where she would vomit about 1/2 hour to 1 hour after eating. We changed from Beneful (where we read dog owners had problems of sickness due to this brand) to Blue Mountain dog food, buying a new dog bowl to slow down her eating. With the dog food transition, we added rice which seemed to do well. We stopped the rice after 5 days and now is strictly on Blue Mountain. No problems for 7 days. Last night and today she vomited in the same fashion as with the Beneful. We will be going back to cutting back the quantity.

We live in the country, we walk her on a leash daily twice a day sometimes three times. She is not exposed to other dogs but to walk by them. She does eat grass. She will eat goose fecal matter if she comes upon it at our pond until we can stop her. Her stool is good. She appears to have allergies, evidenced by her sneezing and her eyes water some. Her energy is good, slowing down more than a year ago. She is indoors unless we are outside with her.

This is our son's dog and we do not know just what shots she has been given but don't believe she has had any for awhile.
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