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Ok I need help... My male pit is 10 years old he has been very healthy until a week ago. He threw up during the night and since then I noticed he was straining to poop. When he would go it was just little spots of soft green yellowish with some mucus. (gross i know sorry) I took him to the vet that morning and he did xrays to rule out a blockage. Gave him meds probiotics and said he thought it was colitis. The thing is he will drink no vomiting, he refuses to eat. I have tried everything I mean everything. He is straining to poop. I took him back yesterday (been 5 days) He has lost 6 lbs. Im so worried. At times I can get him to eat like peanut butter on bread, and two days ago he ate some fish. He is so tired no sign of dehydration and I have bought food I know he loves. Any idea of what might be going on? I love my boy and just want him to eat!!! I will not watch him starve himself.
Last year we lost our other male to cancer and that was so terrible. Dont want to lose him too....
Thanks for any suggestions or anyone else that may have had the same problem just out of the blue....
p.s the vet has ran numerous tests, lyme disease, heart worm, worm infestations, says his heart is good, lungs, eyes ears all wonderful??? At a loss....
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