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Originally Posted by welder View Post
get your fire hose off ebay. and use the steel rollers. 1 15/16'' dia. get on dogtrotters site he has a way to measure your dog to determine the axle center line. I'd go with the 2''-2 1/4'' slats. oak is the way to go. but this is your first time. so you may want to go with pine. ez on the wallet. where the heck are you? main thing is keep your belts square!!!! go with the 8''aluminun main wheels. split rim and 5/8'' bearing.
Will do on all points, including a trial run, thanks again
If you would, i have 2 more dumb questions: is 1/8 spacing for the slats ok, and how do i tie the ends of the belts, one bolt to catch both of them ?

I live in Romania.
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