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My Dog Bit a neighbor's child.

Originally Posted by Sarah~ View Post
I don't know what GSD board you're on that doesn't have posts like this, I'm on a fairly popular one that has a whole subforum dedicated to aggression. I love GSDs and have one myself, but they are one of the top 3 dogs people name as the most aggressive breeds. And as far as most people are concerned (not saying they're right) there are FAR more pit bull type dogs in the US than GSDs and that's saying something, considering how overbred shepherds are. Just something to consider. You're not doing the GSD any favors by saying "but look how much worse pit bulls are!" GSD and pit bull owners should try to work together, our breeds are facing a lot of the same stigmas and issues with BSL

Edit: I just checked, thought the name was familiar we are on the same board. Just looking through the aggression topics there is a new one almost daily.

The difference is with Pits it is more often for the bite to happen rather than some sort of aggression to be recognised. Gsds may bite but not as common. Also bite the kids face then calf? Again Pitt attacks are of a different intensity. The mechanism of attack is completely different.

Most of the gsd posts are warning signs and certain trouble rather than actual attacks. Also it's a much bigger board with many many more members. There is a subsection for agression. That's a good thing. Pitbulls should have one too? Why call it just pitbull behaviour. This is called ownership and bring practical. That's the difference in many education levels associated with the gsd community in bigger scope. They are extremely careful in the management of their dogs.

If all pitbull owner and gsd owners had to switch dogs. Gsd attacks would go up. And pitbull attacks would go down. I can almost guarantee that.

Also what many pit owners consider normal everyday life. Is often worthy of debate in the agression gsd board. Pitbull owners do nothing until it's too late time and time again.

What is your test for testing nerve in breeding? Or do you just assume that powerfull breed can show self restraint? You do nothing to produce stable dogs. Yet advertise them as nanny dogs.

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