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hey guys so I have a question, I give my 18 month old pit 50 mg 2x a day, in the morning and at night, ive been doing it for a few months now bc she gets really bad rashes and bumps on her back. the Benadryl completely took care of the bumps but when she goes outside she still gets rashes. idk if I should increase the dose or not bc I don't want her to get drowsy or accustomed to such a high dosage. also, for the last 3 days shes been a pain to take the pills, before id wrap them in a slice of cheese, turkey, or ham and shed gobble it up right away. I think she figured me out and I cant getr her to fall for my tricks, ive tried putting them in gunmmy bears, no luck, I tried hiding it in her hard food hoping she would just eat it unknowingly, no luck, ive been crushing up the pills and mixing it w peanut butter but shes catching on, how could I get her to like these tings? thanks guys!!
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