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12 week old puppy playing really rough with 1 year old Lab

I just recently adopted a 12 week old lil pit girl and since she has come home she has been very rough and pushy with my 1 year old lab. He has been very patient with her and they play well for a short period then she tend to bite onto he face area and hold on and doesn't let go. She growls but doesn't shake her head while doing it but doesn't let go. Also when he run around trying to play it seems to set her off with chasing him and growling and seems to make the pushynes and biting intensify. She is my first pit and he was my first lab and his training with other dogs went much smoother. I'm wondering if anyone had some advice of if I should let them settle it themselves by letting him put her in her place. Or if because from a young age I established with him that I'm the one in charge if I have to snap at her to show her that her play is too rough. I need the help because he was my girlfriend and I's first dog together and she is very bonded with him and is a little overwhelmed and frustrated with her behavior and doesn't want him to get hurt. I also have thought about correction collars and wonder if that is something anyone has experience with and if it would be beneficial to her that way her and I have an extended reach for when she starts to do these things to stop her right away even if we aren't right next to her. Thanks for any advice
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