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first off how old was your pit when you got her?
I would hope that she was at least 8 weeks before she was taken from here parents, that is the time where the parents will teach them how tough is too tough to bite.

Biting of the face in pits is something that I've seen as a habit and sort of a sign of love, like in the joules / throat area. I see my pit do it with his pit friends and If I pinch him there if he's scared or nervous it calms him down. pit puppies can have very sharp teeth.

I've seen the problem your describing before, my girlfriend got a young girl pit runt and it used to chew my pups face off. do you know anyone else with a pit? maybe get them to play together? when I got my first pit, all my friends had pits too so he got to play with them a lot, lots of running and rough housing.

I also strongly believe that your dog must feel that you are stronger than him/ her. never strike or hit the dog, but if they are nibbling or biting, stoping them and holding their snout shut while stomping your foot. I feel that stoping foot or slapping shoe on wall sends a lot of energy their way, which they can be intimidated by more so than hitting them. they're pits they play hard, pain does not really translate, but they loud startling sound you create can show your strength.

hope that helps

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