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We adopted her when she was 12 weeks old, there were 3 pups that were brought to the local ASPCA. They didn't have much info on her parents or anything like that. But we don't have any friends with pits unfortunately, we have been supervising them and the play has gotten better but she still is learning.

That makes a lot of sense regarding the nipping being a playful affectionate thing though. And I've learned how sharp her teeth are, a couple of inadvertent snaps on me while going for toys. I also think a big part of it is that she has a lot of energy and we can't take her to dog parks just yet until she gets her last set of shots in 2 weeks. So for now he is the only out let of dog play she has for now.

She is taking quickly to treat training and does respond when I give them a loud "break" when they're play is escalating too high. They have been playing more with tug toys and other chew toys but after a little while she looses interest in the toy and starts to want to have more wrestling and body play than tug of war anything like that.

We've bought some books on the bully bread and have started to learn more of her cues. My girlfriend is also a dog trainer in training and we've been talking to her different mentors. I think we are starting to get more comfortable with her and she is adjusting to us, so thank you for the advice.
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