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Redog- I think maybe you misconstrued what I was saying. My dog is leash reactive, so I'm definitely not saying she would never start a fight. She totally would in certain circumstances.
Actually multiple times dogs have started fights with her; I work at a doggy daycare, dogs scuffle. She holds her own okay in general, but hasn't ever tried to inflict damage, I step in, never has there been a mark on either dog.
The only thing I've been trying to say is that every dog is different, and what's important is knowing your dog's limitations and risk factors, but still always proceeding with caution and maintaining control of the environment. Although I'm always cautious and watch closely, I don't really worry about her starting fights and whatnot at work, because she doesn't, and when other dogs start things, she will let me finish them. I am also very aware of her limitations, and will not allow her to ever interact with other dogs on leash, because she has displayed some aggression in the past.

All I'm saying is that every dog is different, and Breed really doesn't seem to provide clear cut information to determine how interactions will go.
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