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Kenai- I do agree that pure-bred APBTs from a good bloodline are more likely to be dog-aggressive, I've never disagreed with that. We might differ on how much more likely, but that's absolutely not my point.
I'm sure Bindi is an amazing loving wonderful dog! Just because a dog is animal-aggressive, that means nothing about who they are inside.
Also I know your not pro BSL. I'm saying I'm not comfortable with ANYONE saying that pits are unpredictable and may snap.
I believe you saying that one may never know when or if a given Pit will wake up one day and try to kill other dogs is a very dangerous thing to say. Many say the same thing about pits with humans, children, etc.
All I'm saying is that every dog is much more than the sum of their breeding. It factors in, but I've met many human-aggressive Labs, many dog-friendly pits, and even some Border Collies who don't herd. You can't simply say that a certain tried and tested dog is likely to all of a sudden 'snap' and behave exactly the opposite based on Breed alone.
At my work, we treat every knew or young dog like they may BECOME violent, but then we get to know that Dog, as an adult, and they show us who they are. That is the way things should be done with any dog, regardless of breed, should you want to have your dog in a given environment.
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