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My dog has bully bloodlines but built like a apbt.

Ok I have a Blue Brindle Pitbull or bully whatever you wanna call him after reading this. He is about to turn 9 months on the 28 of month and Iíve had him since he was 6 weeks old. He was one of the smallest in the litter. And when I took him home i started him out on Victor high pro plus. After feeding him that for a couple of months he was bigger than all his brothers and sisters, even the biggest male in the litter. He did good on it. He was a thick Lil pup. Iíll say when he hit about 9 or 10 weeks he started to slim up not get skinny. And has been that was since only now his muscle tone is starting to get more define. Iíve seen both his parents, his mom bloodline is Greyline, sheís a solid blue dog. She also has papers. His dad is a solid Brindle with a lil white on his chest. And his bloodline is razor edge, but he doesnít have papers. I have pictures of both parents. But I donít know why he built like an apbt. Any suggestions?
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