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Pup will bite at my hand when I tell him off for chewing couch

OK so it's pretty much under control, but id like some opinions, I used reverse time out for playing to rough and he's really gentle like he barely touches teeth on skin, but as I'm phasing out any mouth to skin contact at all I'm starting to lean towards an ah ah and if he continues was a reverse time out, but now a time out. Because when he starts chewing the couch, I would give him a time out, if he doesn't leave it when I say, he usually does the I know how to make it easier on myself and puppy dog eyes and lay down. Which I praise because he stops and if he does it again time out.

After reading that the reverse time out can be seen as weakness and work oppositely encouraging him to bite to get rid of me, I have seen him do little mouths not aggressive but as if I say ahhh to stop chewing couch and he thinks 'il just touch him and he will leave the room,' I have also seen when I pick him up when he's bad he tries to do it when I carry him.

I don't know whether to continue with an ahhh until he lays down and submits, alpha roll him if he doesn't, which he probably would take 15 minutes to submit anyway or time out still or what. At almost 5 months and 25kg or 50 something pounds for most of you, with a bad back and him try to struggle and naw is a bit of a handful, although he's gentle so any advice from the experienced is very welcome


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