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Cool Potty Training Schedule Inconsistent?

Hi All!

First post here! We just rescued an adorable 2 yr old APBT last week. She has been a bundle of joy and the center of our lives already!

When it comes to peeing/pooping, she has been a little inconsistent. The first few days it was pee/poop a few times each day inside the house, then a few days where she had no accidents inside, and then just yesterday she pees/poops inside the house while we were gone. Last night, after going for a walk and going pee outside, we come home and ten minutes later she poops inside.

Now, my schedule is consistent so I see her everyday from 7am to 7pm but my girlfriend's schedule is changing with school so that is inconsistent. Some days our pit gets taken out in the morning (7am), midday (2pm), and two times at night (7pm then once again before bed around 9:30pm). Other days she gets taken out morning and two at night without that midday bathroom break. And then on weekends it is mostly always morning, midday and two night walks.

1. Should we try and keep her consistent on a 7am and 7pm bathroom schedule ONLY (twice/day), or a 7am/2pm/7pm schedule if my gf is available mid day?

2. Should we continue to do a walking schedule of 7pm and then a final one around 9-9:30pm before bed, or can that one be cut out? The reason why we do that is just to try and squeeze out one more pee since we don't want her going over night.

3. Roughly how long will it take for her to become fully aware and potty trained? Maybe we aren't being patient enough.

When she pees/poops outside, we always give her treats to train her that going outside is good. Also, she is not crate trained if that means anything.

Thank you!

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