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Any help on specific breed/type of pit?

My mom, myself, and my boyfriend are trying to get this house in the next month or so but Iím not sure if they allow pits since 90% of the places here donít[emoji19]. I know my dog Lilo is a pitbull but Iím not sure what specific type of pit she is or if sheís mixed with something else. She is 3 and a half years old and she weighs about 60-70 lbs. Her snout is kind of on the longer side and her head is big but not as big as other pits Iíve seen. I told the realtor that she is lab mix. Iím going to get a DNA test soon but Iím just wondering if anyone has any idea of what specific pit she is or if sheís mixed so I know possibly what to tell the realtor in case they say no pits... my mom and I will not go without her.. and if you have a pit that looks like her Iíd be happy to see. Thanks [emoji4] here are some pictures of her

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