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Hip issues

So my guy is about 1 year and 4 months old and been showing some issues what I believe is his hips. He been having trouble jumping on the couch and the bed. Sometimes after sleeping for a minute he tends to limp alittle but can weight bare completely. When he runs his gait looks different. I’m reading that he could have possible hip dysphasia. He still can climb stairs easily and can lay down easily. There looks to be surgical and non surgical treatments. Before I take him to vet do you have guys have any possible recommendations? He was just at the vet a few weeks ago for blood in his stool and wet poops. He was on meds for a bit and they ran every test and said they don’t see anything. His stool is back to normal and we changed his food to taste of wild. But we just been noticing the weakness of his hind legs.
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