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Question Genetic Skin Problem???

Hey all! Im a first time pit bull owner myself. I love my furbaby with all my heart and have had pit bulls before but she is my first personal pit bull. She is light in coloration, definitely a fawn color... MY QUESTION IS, what can i do to ease her flare ups? She has months without flare ups when her skin looks good and her hair is fully grown in, but then there are weeks where her hair starts falling out and she gets sores on her stomach and she is incredibly itchy. My husband and I thought it was a starch allergy and so we switched to Merrick brand with no potatoes or sweet potatoes and also started giving her fish oil and it seemed to work instantly but now, she is starting to flare up again and her hair is falling out and the sores on her tummy have returned. Should i switch her to a raw diet? should I take her to a dermatologist? I took her to another vet and he ruled out any kind of mange and said it was most likely just genetics because of her coloration. SO PLEASE HELP CUZ SHE IS ITCHY AND I HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS!!!
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