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Hey all! Im a first time pit bull owner myself. I love my furbaby with all my heart and have had pit bulls before but she is my first personal pit bull. She is light in coloration, definitely a fawn color... MY QUESTION IS, what can i do to ease her flare ups? She has months without flare ups when her skin looks good and her hair is fully grown in, but then there are weeks where her hair starts falling out and she gets sores on her stomach and she is incredibly itchy. My husband and I thought it was a starch allergy and so we switched to Merrick brand with no potatoes or sweet potatoes and also started giving her fish oil and it seemed to work instantly but now, she is starting to flare up again and her hair is falling out and the sores on her tummy have returned. Should i switch her to a raw diet? should I take her to a dermatologist? I took her to another vet and he ruled out any kind of mange and said it was most likely just genetics because of her coloration. SO PLEASE HELP CUZ SHE IS ITCHY AND I HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS!!!
My 10 yr old pit has same issues. Loses hair in armpits, hard, neck, ears, etc.

I completely changed her diet. Never realized how horrible dog food really is until I started reading labels. Have her on canned salmon and grain free organic small salmon kibble. I use a food processor and add carrots, blueberries, broccoli, etc. Cut out table food. Give her canned tuna for snack, grain free organic dog treats.

I started researching oils because she gets skin plack which looks like it human psoriasis. I found a products for african women called Hollywood Beauty - tea tree oil. It has anti fungal fighters, aloevera, mint, sunflower oil, tea tree oil, rose hops, seed oils, lemon, root extract, vitamin e, and does have peanut oil in it. I have had sucess with using this product. In 3 weeks her hair is coming back and skin has been showing vast improvement. Every 3-4 days I massage into her dry areas, legs, feet, ears, face, neck, armpits, etc. So far no bad reactions.

I found a company online that tests dog hair for 300 allergies both food and environmental. It costs about 147.00 which beats thousands in vet bill's for skin scraping, bloodwork, hair samples, etc. Link below:


I'll add update once I get the results.

So far the diet change, frequent baths 3-4 a month ( I use puppy hypo allergenic, dye free, grain free shampoo), and 1.5-2 times weekly rubdown with tea tree oil have helped her skin.

Also make sure your dog doesn't have fleas. My dog is highly allergic. I believe that is what started this last skin problem. A simple trip to the vet turned into skin hell.

I hope you find some relief for your dog. These pictures are updated today from 3 weeks ago when her neck was bald, head full of scabs, right ear was completely bald her legs, upper arms half bald, she had balding freddy Kruger like scratches on her sides and she had severe blisters and bumps under her armpits.

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