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Doggie door issues
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About a month ago I noticed one of the little dog ears on my doggie door flap had broken off and the flap was laying out on the deck. It cost as much to buy a new flap as it did to buy the new door oh, so I bought the door kit. It was such a booger to try to put in alone. I'm a 56 year old woman who does use power tools, but I'm no carpenter. My daughter and son-in-law came over how to install a sink and garbage disposal for me and finished it up but they had a heck of a Time getting it in also but finally did. Now 3 weeks later I noticed the new flat has been busted right in half! I'm wondering if I can glue it! Not only can I not afford $50 for another doggy door, but I don't want to go through the trauma of having to change that door out again. Those long screws and those tiny nuts so I have to go way down in the skinny holes are a nightmare. I know it's going to take some kind of special glue I have a gorilla glue epoxy and there's this glue called the last glue that's pretty amazing and it is $35 for a 10 mil bottle! I'm afraid once it gets the one two punch of 2 50-pound pitbulls going through at a time or two it will just snap into again. I have this kit from Lowe's that will fix anything. it has a mesh tape and some kind of groups that hardens like steel. It shows people fixing handles of hoes and shovels where they broken into and they continue to use them like they've never been broken before. I do know someone who fixed a broken spine on their outdoor umbrella with that stuff and it's work for 2 years when everyone told them it was trashed that there was no way to fix it. Anyone have any ideas on how I could best fix this question mark it cannot be clamped, so I worry about the gorilla glue because even the epoxy glue expands like the regular gorilla glue does. The Last Glue is more instant and doesn't take time to set. However, I won't let them use it for a while.

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