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Hello from a very fresh pit bull owner

Hi there,

my name is Lea. I live in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. This past Wednesday afternoon, I was in a very poor neighborhood for community work. I never imagined when leaving the house that day that I'd come home with a new dog.

We found him abandoned in a parking lot. He seemed as if he had given up on life. He was very fearful of people. He was extremely malnourished and dehydrated. I tried to get hold of a couple of rescue-rehome groups that I know do not put down animals, but they were all either not answering their phones, or they were in a different part of the country, so nobody could help me right then.

Two homeless guys kindly offered to stay with the dog until I had finished my community work, which I had to attend to. I took my new dog home that evening. As soon as I decided to take him home, I realized I wouldn't just be fostering him. He is a wonderful dog with a lot of potential. And even though it was a life-changing decision and long-term commitment to take him on, the timing was right for it. I named him Victor, because he was found in Victoria street, and will be victorious over his past circumstances. He is now living with me and my parents in a nice home with a big yard and lots of love!

He is the first dog I own and raise! (I don't count my childhood Jack Russel, because I did not have the responsibility of her upkeep.) He is the only dog here which is a good thing, especially since I'm so new to pit bulls.

I'll go into more details about his progress and health in another thread, but in short, he is well on his way to physical and emotional recovery. The vet says he is 100% American pit bull terrier. He is about 5-6 months old, which is a perfect age to enter a better life.

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