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Originally Posted by Gnarley44 View Post
thanks for the info, ur dogs look amazing! How do u keep them so muscular? we run almost daily 2-3 miles and like twice a weeks i let them pull me on my bike still not as difined as yours. any tips?
LOL performanceknls has all the goods.

But to answer your question, because they are more bully they usually don't have the same definition as game bred APBTs. It also depends on how much you feed, what types of exercise. A flirt pole is a good toy/exercise to build definition. Generally you want to exercise at least 40 minutes everyday. Your dogs are nice and healthy though, and beautiful by the way.

From what I've seen and working with previous advice from Performance, if your dogs are working or pulling you probably wont get the look. I've had kaiser cut back to two cups of food a day to shed some extra weight and have changed his routine ie I walk once in the morning about 45 minutes, then in the evening we play catch for about 45 minutes (I dont use a flirt pole b/c kaiser is older and I think might be getting a little arthritis in his hips so he wont jump anymore). He's lost weight and his hind is really muscular but he's still round chested in the front, and I think the definition in the front comes from pulling and game exercises that I don't do with him. But thats JMO from what I've seen and have done.
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