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The APBT is the ONLY Pitbull however each of these breeds gets referred to as pitbulls and in the eyes of the media and BSL each of these breeds are classified and share the same fate as pitbulls.
Actually historically the APBT, and Staff Bull were commonly and collectively called pitbulls from the 1800s up until the early 1900s. The only thing that differentiated the dogs were bloodlines. The Am Staff genetically is the same dog as the APBT but different in temperament, standard, and drive through selective breeding. The common term "pitbull" has been around from the 1800's, long before any BSL. Personally I would say that the APBT is the only APBT. All of those three breeds are "pitbulls" historically just as much or even more than American Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogs, and Alapaha Blue Bloods are "bulldogs" historically.

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