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Like I said, dogs not showing get kibble only. Your right, it is easier. I usually have no more than three getting ready for shows at one time ( my SUV can't fit more than that! LOL! ) so it's not too bad. There is a local supermarket here that runs specials on leg quarters often so I stock up when they do. At $2.99 for 10 lbs, it actually costs less than the kibble, but it makes oh-so-much difference in their muscle and coats. I see the results after only a couple of weeks.

I have found a place in Raleigh that sells "Solid Gold". But it is sooooo expensive. I don't know anyone who has tried it so I'm loathe to spend that kind of money. I have one dog I'll be campaigning towards a national ranking this year ( I hope) and I would buy it for him if I was sure it would make him look awesome.

Has anyone out there tried it??
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