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Originally Posted by itszikki View Post
Soooo seeing that you were successful with your crate training. (Congratulations by the way) I'd like to know the thread were the directions were posted. I have a black lab that is 2 next month. She was so easy to crate train. But my pit, which i JUST got today is winning my heart with her whine every time i put her in the crate. lol. So i pull her up on the bed and she knocked right out and that's were she is currently at as i type. Is there a method? Maybe heavy duty ear plugs and a doggy sleeping pill? lol. jk. Congrats again, I hope my little girl is catches on as quick
A good website is "http://www.inch.com/~dogs/cratetraining.html" to go by.

My success came when I started to feed her in the crate. She started to enjoy going in there. Plus I treated her each time.

As for the whining...she's a baby and she wants to be close to you...she's going to whine. You'll just have to ignore it...she'll eventually fall asleep. But you can't acknowledge her at all...don't speak or tell her no or plead with her. She'll get it. It just takes time. BUT DO NOT take her out when she whines...She'll assume that she'll get what she wants.

OH...big note here...Be sure the crate is divided so she only has enough room to lay down and that's it. Dogs won't go where they sleep so if you limit the room she won't go in the crate. Mine has a divider I use...might want to look into one. Petco has them for 100 (that's the 42" big boy!
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