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Need help on deciding on food - live in a VERY small town

Ok so for a little over a week i have been giving Dobb's cooked whit rice and hamburger meat. About 1 1/2 cups x2 a day. Also giving him metronidazole to help curb his diarreha issue. All is well now!! thanks to Pk9!!

I need help deciding on a dry food for Dobb's now that he is better. Also i need an idea on how much to mix with the cooked food and for how long so i dont give him the diarreha issue all over again.

I know starting another thread is repetative but people opinions on food sometimes change after trial and error. Also i live in a very small town and my options are limited.

My options for places to shop are Walmart(its not your normal walmart, the sell horse food and limited dog food??!! lol), There is a Kmart here but i looked and they dont have anything. There is a feed store about 12 miles from here. The only other option is Palmdale which is over an hours drive about 70 miles.

So you can see my delema. I would keep feeding him the cooked food but i feel like its not enough and he is missing out on protein and other essentials he needs.

I guess i could order online but that could get pricey with weight and shipping.

So i am all ears to suggestions and advice. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!

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