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How do you answer the public ?

Just curious how you all answer the inevitable question that always seems to arise when I'm out with my dog. What kind of dog is it ?

Personally I answer proudly that he's an American Pit Bull Terrier, this always seems to trigger one of two reactions either an extreme tension and almost borderline anger from people or an instant shocked Oh Really ?! he's really a beautiful happy dog !

We take him into pet smart from time to time their general managers mother breeds pit's and hes always ecstatic to see him at the same sense the other day we where standing in line and Ronin decided to turn around wagging his tail and lick the leg of the guy behind us.. why the man was with in half a foot of me I dont really know, I always keep Ronin on a tight leash but it was almost instant disdain and anger he showed as he looked down at my dog. He was holding bones in his hand so obviously a dog owner, then a boy of probably 10 years of age jumps out from behind him and lets out a "Oh a pitbull ! COOL !" and starts to pet Ronin as he instantly showers the boy with kisses. Which triggered an even angrier look from the man.

Even my girlfriend has had to become proactive about the breed and started learning the ins and outs. She was a bit shocked by the often times extreme reaction you get from people when telling them the breed, at first I caught her calling him an Amstaff simply to avoid the often condescending reaction she would get when walking him. She sense has become more comfortable with calling a spade a spade and defending it as such, he's been such an amazing dog thus far theirs no reason not too.
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