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You made me cry too!! LOL

Because of my ignorant fathers misinformed UN-information, my husband is scared that Charley will turn on our kids or him someday out of the blue!!! WHAT?!!!
I don't know how to get it through to them that he is no more a threat to us than our freaking crazy cat is!!! He's such a good boy! I have a 10 year old, a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and I am pregnant with our 4th and last little girl and I would trust Charley to be alone with my kids more than I trust some of my own family members!!!
Alot of people were concerned with him because of Elise my 1 year old. "What happens when she starts walking?" they would ask. Well he took HER for walks!! LOL The only thing remotely DANGEROUS about him is that he may whack you a good one with his tail when he gets a little excited, or lick your eyeball (that was gross...funny but gross LOL) but he always remembers to calm down around the little ones. LOL I'll never forget when I took him to the 4th of July picnic with my Husbands family. My sister in law had this nasty aggressive little shi-tzu ( who was an abused rescue poor Gunny) and there Charley sat just as happy and calm as could be, playing with the other dogs. LOL It really hit home to some of the people there who were afraid of him.

WHY??? Why are people so afraid of my dog? IGNORANCE that is why.

I worked with him and trained him myself. We worked hard together..probably harder than I have ever worked with a dog. Why? Because I have to protect HIM from everyone else!! That's why!! Because no matter what happens it would be HIS fault!! So what can you do? LOL The only thing I can say is keep them busy and constantly do brush ups on behavior and training and you have a great dog. But if you treat your kids the same way you have great kids too! You truly have to be a parent to a kid with undeserved infamy. Kids and APBT are ALOT alike!! LOL

Sadly as I am getting farther along in my pregnancy and I have had bronchitis for like 2 1/2 months, I haven't been able to walk him like he needs to be walked, and I notice that he gets excited more easily..... But when he gets out with the kids and runs it all off, he's right back to normal old Charley!

So how do we solve the problem? People need to get smart and start EDUCATING them selves! Love your animals by learning.

LOL Just think how much different it would be if it was Golden Retrievers that people were fighting!! Everyone would WANT a pitbull.
Gee wiz.... Petey was a pitbull for crying out loud and he worked with little kids! I think the Little Rascals all survived? LOL

Then again if it wasn't this way we wouldn't have each other to talk to when we need someone else to understand!! And I wouldn't have met you all here! God Bless you and your Puppies!!
Euthanize the Ignorance!!!
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