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Ok thank you. Ive posted before, and somebody did mention the demodex mange. I was on the way back to the vet at that post. i just dont get how the vet is missing this. which is why i started collecting lil samples. they wont listen when i tell them the meds arent working. im almost wondering if i should try a diff. vet. i dont want to, i really dont, so im hoping these samples will help. Ive been reading on here, on other people dogs and their skin problems/mange and im pretty much trying to figure this out on my own. (with the help of you guys here) since the vet is literaly clueless.

i know they dont specialize in SKIN problems, thats what a dermotologist does but, i can only afford my vet.

but thank you ill keep looking things up till i take her in...AGAIN. gota wait till next pay check next week. hope her bumps dont get to out of control this is really stressful. And i think shes starting to scratch at them.
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