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To Duece:

Vet gave me: two antibiotics-Cephalexin 500mg and Prednisolone 5mg all three times i went to the vet.

No skin scrappings were done, she DID how ever have a 4plus yeast infection in the ear that just went haywire during her period, that cleared up beautifully with the ear drops AND those meds. he said her body was unbalanced so that caused the infection....infections gone, bumps still remain.

No shampoos, ointments, or a name for her condition.

the only thing shes JUST NOW started doing is scratching here and there...looks like on those areas on her neck and head.

her fur does just seem to...idk rub off but that could be shedding to? im not sure...

the yeast bacteria sounds like a possibility as well too. You guys help more then my vet. lol
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