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You know, Its funny you ask this because one of my female rescues just had her litter of puppies on saturday, The very last one to come out (and the cutest in my opinion), has the exact same markings as yours...Black mask, tan body, white chest patch.
Even though I rescued this dog when she was 5 weeks pregnant, I saw the male that she had tied with, and he looked full pit, But he was also 3+ years old, so his structure was more visible.
I am fairly confident that your dog is a full pit, But i cannot say that without a reasonable doubt, Because i've seen some mastiffs mixed with pits that look very similar to pits as young puppies.
Hi there, thanks for the post. Well thats encouraging.... Maybe its simply a case of waiting for her to fill out a little? Its likely that she wont have that striking pit bull look maybe. Thats ok. As I said - she is my little buddy now and Ill love her for life but I just want to know.

From the posts so far, its hard to be sure without papers but im more confident she is.
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