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Roman Vaughn, Iron Cross Kennels Review | Rip-off Report #546930


Report: Roman Vaughn, Iron Cross Kennels

Reported By: Paul Wilson ( California)
United States of America
Roman Vaughn - Iron Cross Kennels - Ickunderground.yuku.com - IronCrossKennels.com, Iron Cross Pitbulls scammer, stole deposit, dogs on steroids, mixed breed dogs(presa/pits), unsanitary, Lies about stats Internet
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Roman Vaughn, Iron Cross Kennels

Internet California
United States of America
Phone: 909-379-2662
Web Address: www.ironcrosskennels.com

Category: Miscellaneous Companies

Submitted: Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Last posting: Tuesday, June 08, 2010
I just want the world to know the truth about the fake
a*****e scammer of a “Pitbull breeder”
named Roman Vaughn from Iron Cross Kennels , Iron Cross Kennels, (WWW.IRONCROSSKENNELS.COM), and his idiotic side kick Nick. When I first visited the Iron cross Kennels
website, I was impressed by the pictures of the dogs, as well as the quality of the website. I had
never seen pitbulls that looked like those.
I contacted Roman Vaughn of Iron Cross Kennels initially through email. Roman
did not respond to my email, so I called him up.

He told me about an incredible breeding he had going with a large
female named Mazeratti and his dogs Stalefish and Disciple. Roman was so desperate for this breeding to
happen he had been letting both of his studs Disciple and Stalefish breed to
Mazeratti while she was in heat. Weird! (She still did not take because of the steroids he had given her.) I told him I was very interested in his Iron Cross Kennels
bloodline and wanted to purchase a puppy from the Mazeratti Breeding.
Roman Vaughn gave me an address to send a $2000.00 deposit to. My wife thought I was crazy for sending a
$2000.00 deposit to a kennel who was already listed on Ripoff Report by other
people who had been taken advantage of.
Roman Vaughn insured me that Iron Cross Kennels does “good business”,
and that the other Rip Off Report had been put there by jealous breeders. LOL, YEAH RIGHT. So I sent the 2000, 00. Dollar money order to
Roman Vaughn and scheduled a trip where I could visit Iron Cross Kennels. I was very excited.
When I went to visit Iron Cross Kennels, I wasn’t
impressed AT ALL. Roman and Iron Cross Kennels
are located in Southern California at
the top of a filthy hill. Roman lives in
a shabby little shack at the top of the hill.
Almost like a trailer. Everything
about this set-up screamed “Trailer Trash Kennels”. Speaking
of kennels, although I did see some kennels, there were no dogs in them. Roman was keeping ALL of his dogs in very
small crates. The type of crate that you
use when taking dogs to the Airport. They
looked miserable. It was some of the
worst conditions I have ever seen dogs kept in.
I felt really sad for these animals.
I have contacted animal control about this issue. There was this guy named Nick there, and he
was running around doing everything Roman told him to, like some sort of a man servant. That really tripped me out. Nick kept telling me how great the ICK blood
line was,and that the other kennels could not compete with Iron Cross Kennels. That got extremely annoying very quickly. Roman eventually told him to shut up, and Nick happily complied. That was a blessing. They showed me a dog called Disciple who was
semi impressive, although his crate was so tiny I couldn’t believe a dog his
size could fit in it. How sad. They
showed me the female Mazeratti who was semi impressive as well, (although not
nearly as large as they claimed on their website. ) They then showed me a dog named Stalefish,
who was definitely mixed with Presa Canario.
(I should know I have been breeding Presa Canario’s for the last 6
years.) Everything about Stalefish
screamed Presa Canario, his markings, his stance, his walk, and his
structure. I told Roman this as well,
and Roman himself said that it was rumored that his father Escalade, was a
Presa Canario, but that he did not believe it.
B******T! It was obvious as h***. Stalefish had every Presa trait in the book!!
Roman Vaughn must
know how to take really good pictures because his dogs were no where near as
impressive in person. At this point I
told Roman I was not comfortable with doing business with him, and requested a
refund of my 2000.00 dollars. Roman told
me that Iron Cross Kennels deposits are transferable to another breeding but
not refundable. Hey the rules are the
rules so I agreed, and left.

Roman later called me and told me that the Mazeratti
could have a puppy from a Stalefish breeding .
Stalefish looked like a presa canario when I saw him in person. What Roman did not know is that I have been
breeding Presa canario’s for the last 6 years.
I know a Presa or a Pitbull/Presa mix when I see one. Especially one this obvious. No other dog has those markings but a Presa
Canario. DUH!!!! Stalefish could enter a
Presa Canario competition right now and no one would question him. LOL. I told Roman just keep my money, I do not want a Presa/Pitbull mix.
After doing some research by talking to people/kennels that had done
business with Roman, and bought dogs from him, I began to learn the terrible
truth. Roman Vaugh and Iron Cross
Kennels have been giving their dogs steroids and mixing breeds. This is why he deleted all of the other kennels from his links page.
Here are the facts I learned about Roman Vaughn and Iron
Cross Kennels.

The female that I was interested in Mazeratti
was unable to have pups because the massive amount of steroids Roman had been
given her so that she can achieve her size.
Mazeratti also suffers from a prolapsed
uterus. Roman already had tried to breed
her three times and it never worked because of the steroids and the prolapsed
uterus. He knew this breeding with
Mazeratti would not work when he took my 2,000.00 deposit

Disciple is on steroids, and his stats on
the website are false. Most of Disciple
daughters cannot be bred and suffer from a prolapsed Uterus.

Roman Vaughn keeps most of his dogs on
Most of Iron Cross Kennels dogs are kept in
very tiny unsanitary kennels. FILTHY!!!!
Iron Cross Kennels accepts deposits on
breedings they know will not take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roman Vaughn and Iron Cross Kennels are now
basing their kennel on a dog STALEFISH that is obviously mixed with a Presa Canario, but on his
website, www.ironcrosskennels.com
he claims he does not mix breeds to get size.
The other male that he produced is called
Moran, and he is a Presa as you can get as well.

Moran does not even look mixed, he just
looks like a pure Presa. Any Presa
Canario Breeder would agree after they have saw Stalefish and Moran. Do your research guys, its obvious. Like
really really obvious!

Roman Vaughn, Iron Cross Kennels is a liar
and a scam artist BEWARE!!
It wasn’t worth the 2000 he stole from me
so I let him keep it

Hey Roman if I don’t need a Presa, I
already have a backyard full of them you dumb ass lying inbred skinhead p***k!!

I am not surprised that Roman Vaughns name
was on the muglestons pitbull site endorsing them because he is a scammer just
like them. Here is the link:

He must have learned how to do business
from the muglestons as well.

Hey if
you would like to buy an expensive mixed
presa/pit from a trashy trailer park type of guy that lies About everything on


Here is Roman Vaughn’s information, BEWARE
Cell: 909-379-2662


[email protected]
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