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conditioning my dog... any advice??

ok well i have a question on conditioning Couger... i started working on him at 5months with walks/jogs and a flirt pole but he doesnt look like most of your pups at 9months... i was looking around and saw afew pictures of lilbit when she was 9months and man does she look great!!!! heres what i been doing about almost every day except saturday and sunday...

work the flirt pole for 10mins
go for a 2mile walk/speedwalk
give couger water
work the flirt pole again for 15-25mins
play with the hoses to cool him off while still exercising him for 10mins
flirt pole for another 10mins
tug of war for 10mins
rest for 30mins
bike ride for 10-15mins
feed him after 20mins of workout... about 4cups... i feed him once a day excluding his morning chicken necks...

i tried spring pole but he doesnt like ropes... i used Remington Canvas Training Dummy and he loves them but i just dont think its worth $6 for 6mins... i went through 4already and they dont last more then 10min max each... any help??? ill post new pictures when i get a chance to take some... he still looks like this older photo

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