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Yet another advice thread!

I'm new to Go Pit Bull, so let me do a quick introduction:

My name is Jacki and I recently adopted Red, a very eager and intelligent pit bull. His previous owner was giving him away in a Petsmart parking lot. She asked me if I was looking for a dog because she has seen me at the local animal shelter. I answered with a yes, and she explained she had a five year old pure bred pit bull. I agreed to meet him, so she took him out of her car. He was tiny, had scars all down his legs and punctures through his ear. He was nervous and shaking, but when I looked into his eyes I saw a sweet dog. I agreed to take him. I'm very active, as I've only ever owned Border Collies before and I feel a bit out of place.

Red has absolute no muscle tone. He used to pull a lot while on walks but has settled down. I feel as though he was kept in his cage for extended periods of time. If I raise my hand, he cpwards down. I feel like he was abused by his previous owners, but I feel like the least I could do is make Reds life diverse and active.

I feed him 2 1/2 cups of Buffalo Blue dry food. He eats a can of Whole Foods brand of wet dog food and I mix in a handful of dry food with it, placing a hip joint supplement in the bowl as well. I bring him out for two walks a day, both for an hour and run him up and down this abandoned parking lot. He loves to play with this tire toy (I did get it because I saw events including tires), I buy him bones and chewing toys all the time. He is not aggressive to other dogs, or people. He is also great with children.

I would love to be able to have him gain muscle tone. Hes tall and lean, which is great but he's just so skinny. I guess all I need is pointers for helping me tone him.

Thank you.

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