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Welcome to the unfair world of owning a "pitbull"! There will be harsh signs, bsl bs, rude comments ect. being thrown at you because you own a aggressive breed so to say. Its tough to bite your tongue and keep your head up but all of us have had to do it at some point. All the advice I can give for now is; stay far far away from dog parks! Their is ignorant owners & dogs with no manners! You owe it to your new pup to not put him in that out of control enviorment. Think of it in the positive light... You and your pup are too good to go there. There is plently of safe places to take him that you both can have a great time. Other than that, get him enrolled in puppy classes to socialize, start obidience training and always create a positive enviorment for him.
In my town, law is not quite BSL YET, but pitbulls must be on a 6" leash (ya, where do you buy one of thos? Haha), have a muzzle and if not in the house, must be inside a kennel inside a privacy fence, be microchipped, and spayed or neutered ect. So your not alone on the discrimination part; might as well be jail! But I do what I gotta do to keep my family together; along with making sure my babies are the most well behaved dogs in my whole town and constently rubbing it in to the haters every darn chance I get! Ha!
All in all, its a tough road but the kisses and lovins are the highlight of my life!
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