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Ive had my pup about 2 weeks now. Am trying to teach him his name, wee wee pad training and the word 'NO'... he's not responsive to his name but only really to kissing sounds which I would really like to get him out of.... he's learning slowly where to use the bathroom although he is way better behaved with that when his sitter is around (I dont want to be leaving him so young for long hours while i work)... he has no grasp on the word no however.. if i point or try and use a hand gesture he thinks i'm trying to play and tries to run around and wrestle with my arm. since he's so small he tends not to look up to follow my voice so i'm bending down so that he can see AND hear me.
i'm leaving it up to the fact that he's only really young and with time this will get better... but any suggestions or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!
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