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So now im having another problem. The puppy doesn't seem to want to eat his food. he was eating blue buffalo puppy food and he would typically just dive on into his bowl and eat everything up fast. Since his incident two days ago he's been kind of reluctant to eat it, yesterday i was able to get him to eat some by puttin some on the floor and feeding out of my hand ,but it still wasn't much and he didn't seem to really want to eat it. I got him some can food since he ate it all up at the vet's the night I took him, yesterday he ate a bunch of the canned food and seemed to like it (then had diarrhea after) he ate a couple treats later that night too.

Now this morning I tried giving him his regular dog food and he didn't want it, so i gave him some can food and he's only eaten one of the pieces of meat. What should I do to get him to eat again? he usually loves to eat, he seems hungry though as he keeps going to the fridge when I go to open it...
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