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My homade carpet mill build
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This is my homemade carpet mill, Im about 80% done with it which isnt bad considering I got this far with it in one day. I build this using only materials I had laying around, so it cost me nothing. Just to be clear this is just a prototype Im building to get an idea of how these mills work and to get my puppy associated with the concept. In the future I plan on making a steel carpet mill but I guess this will work for now. Im posting pictures in the order of how I built it, so that the way I made it can be as clear as possible for anyone viewing, and sorry for the quaility of the pics, I had to take them from my ipad because my camera is now a chew toy lol.

ROLLERS(pvc tubes w/ rollerblade wheels for smooth rolling)

FRAME(2''x3'' wood for frame and legs)


AXLES FOR ROLLERS(I drilled them together for perfect alignment)


( I used a piece of galvanized sheet metal over the wood to give it a slicker surface for the carpet to slide on.)

It still needs the support so I can tie the leash to, and the carpet, so Ill update the post once its done.

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