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I Paid Attention To My Pit

I noticed my girl was not eating like she should so I tried different brands of kibble! Next I started to mix different things in with the kibble like cooked food! She would dig through the kibble & get the cooked meat! I also noticed she loved to sit at my feet(head up & alert) when I'm preparing to cook, so I'd throw her some meat & she'd devour it & lick the floor clean! I did this every time I cooked! I noticed that she started to get bigger with more muscle tone & the kibble never left the bowl!
One day I took her with me to the grocery store & left her in the car (with the windows cracked half way) & went grocery shopping. Well as I put the groceries in the back seat, I got in & started the car & turned the music up & by the time I got home she ate the pork loins & 2 chicken quarters! I WAS PISSED!!! But I thought about it & I started to read more in here & realized that's all she wanted was raw food!!! I've changed from kibble to Raw food diet! Pictures of her growth coming soon!
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