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Originally Posted by american_pit13
I don't know if DNA testing identifies breeds that way or not. More than just proving the dog is APBT you still have no idea what traits the dog carries. No idea what that dog will throw. No medical history of the parents nothing. For example these two dog had puppies. These where my first two Pitbulls. I got them before I new anything about when dog went into heat, how old to breed ect... Well me not knowing that my female would go into heat and 63 days later puppies would come I had them together and then had my first litter of puppies. I think both these dogs look great however their puppies where not so good. We had 3 pups that looked great and 6 pups that didn't even look pit with whippit heads and curled tails. All kinds of faults. some looked a bit different than other but in general all 6 where not close to being labeled as APBT.No other dog got to her either. This is just what two dog of unknown heritage produced. Another thing they produced by surprise was rednose puppies out of two black nosed parents being because both where red nosed carriers. So I got 3 rednosed puppies. Also the mother was a carrier of demodex mange so all the puppies developed terrible mange which did not appear till the puppies where in their new homes so new buyers all happy over their cute new puppies had to deal with this.



Plain and simple you need to know the dogs linage to know what you are getting out of the dog. If you don't plan on breeding then papers really do not matter.
american_pit13 can u explain to me a lil more on the mange thing u know that mange can not be inherited that the mother had to have had mange for the pups to have it it has nothing to dog with the dog being mix or not just to let u know so this don't happen again http://www.thepetcenter.com/exa/dem.html

QUESTION: Can Demodex mites be inherited?
ANSWER: No. The mites are not present on the fetus while the fetus is developing from an embryo in the uterus. However, if the mother has Demodex mites present in/on her skin, the mites can invade the new fetusí skin immediately after birth. Since many dogs have Demodex mites present in their skin, and never actually develop noticeable skin lesions, the mother may not even be showing any signs of mites and yet transmit mites to the newborn pups. The pups may or may not develop a clinical case of mites.
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