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Originally Posted by shadowgames View Post
What muscle could a collar possible work out. High on the neck so it didn't fall down would restrict air, decently loose would fall to far down on the neck to benefit from it from it. Do as you please but even on a treadmill, or during walking I can see the no benefit from it personally but to each his own. Maybe it could work for a bully style dog where muscle mass is something to be proud of. But it is your dogs not mine. I still feel the springpole properly setup and a flirtpole one day a week would surpass a everday workout with a weighted collar. 15 minute work on a flirtpole is better than a 60 minute walk a night at a decent pace. If I had only one piece of equipment to own it would be a flirtpole and I could condition against the best ADBA champs with all the equipment and still kick their butt.

A flirt pole devolps real life movement of a working dog. It keeps the mind sharp and quick. A flirtpole is the equipment to own and knowing how to properly use a flirt pole is the way to go, IMO.
I'm getting/making a flirt pole. by the way... would a spring pole work if I tied to to a tree in the woods?
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