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For those who can't make a spring pole...

or for the dogs that are afraid of it or wont do it:

This may be something you do already but to replace that work, this is an exercise that i like to do. Now if you aren't strong enough this may not work for you.

Get a bicycle tire or something like that. I hold it up in the air and let my dog jump for it (kinda like a flirt pole). Once she grabs it, I pull up but to where her back feet are still on the ground and let her pull on it. I walk around with her puling it and I will pull back. Once she lets go or it slips out of her mouth, I make her jump for it again. (when she grabs it in the air, I leg go of the tire to prevent injuries). Now if you arent strong enough to hold your dog up this may not work but it wears me out in 10 minutes but its better than nothing. Do this once or twice a day and seems like a reasonable replacement for a spring pole. Roxy loves the spring pole so I dont have a problem with this but I like to change it up a bit.
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