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Conditioning progress or lack thereof. pics inside

Hey guys, I am three weeks into conditioning Roxy. Blue has been conditioned already but hes not a mutt like Roxy is. I know this may be genetics, but I want to make sure I am giving Roxy a fair chance at getting into the best looking and best shape she can be. The pics are at the bottom of this post, but I also want to post her training and nutrition so I can get all the feedback i can. Both positive and negative as well as suggestions are more than welcome. I am here to learn. I cant tell much of a difference but maybe I am not looking for the right things.

Because it is so hot in texas right now, I limit my during the day workouts and keep mostly everything early in the morning or late evening/night.

Walking - 1-2 miles/day. Also do interval jogging but cant to that much of it because I am still in physical therapy for my torn ligaments in my ankle.

Spring Pole - 30 min every other day

Flirt pole - 30 min 5x - 7x a week.

Fetch - every other day for 10 minutes

Protection - Blue and Roxy both do this (although not at the same time) about 2-3x a week. This is also her time (before and after training) for obedience work.

Weight Pull - 2-3x/week Roxy will pull a milk jug filled with rocks over at the field by my house for 20 minutes then we walk home (without pulling) which is 1/3 mile away.

A few times out of the month I will take the dogs swimming and/or to the dog park. The dog park isnt her exercise though. I use this to work on obedience. She doesnt play with other dogs but we do walk and run alot. I just use the park as distractions.

I cant bike ride with her in the neighborhood because of other people's dogs that are off leash and run to blue and roxy even on a walk. I use this time for obedience training though! I know once my ankle is healed I need to start really running them. I dont have the funds for a mill right now either. Saving for an engagement ring as i finish up nursing school. (last semester! whooo!)


Roxy is eating 2 cups/day of blue buffalo wilderness (grain free) along with 1 egg in the morning and chicken/turkey 3x a week.

Before the conditioning I was feeding her 3 cups/day

Any type of feedback is very very much appreciated! here are the pics

Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

Day 21

Day 21

Both were captured when she first woke up. Thank you all very much!
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