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Now I may be wrong but I don't think eggs are good every day for them. Not sure though. I do lots of running and flirt pole with mine. Our heeler mix and gotten in shape doing that and looks a hundred times better than before. Just know your dogs limits. For obedience, have you done it at home so it's 100% at home then work up to the distractions? It's important at home it's 100% then work on getting with distractions 100%. If your dog likes the hose you can play with the hose too since its so hot. My boy LOVES getting to play in the hose and runs around like a crazy man lol

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i cant run yet cause of my ankle, just a very slow jog so i mix a jog in with our walks every day.

and yes, she is 100% at home. its been a 6 month obedience training routine. i started every day for a long time then she started to get really good so i backed it off a bit and started outside in the field where she runs. no distractions just different environment. now shes doing it pretty well at the park. not perfect, id say around 90%. She can be in the middle of playing with my friends dogs which they do often and i tell her to come and she comes to my left side and sits. stays there tilll i give another command even if i walk away with other dogs around, she ignores until i let her go.

Ive been walking alot more now and i can already tell a difference. Hoping this continues.
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