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I'm not sure if I'm understanding. Do you let her off leash in dog parks to practice? Or just around the park with the distractions? Not sure if you've read the threads on dog parks or not but I recommend reading them.

And good for you and her getting the obedience down.

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I understand the whole issue with dog parks. I keep her on a lead while I'm inside the fenced park. She's learned to ignore other dogs unless I say otherwise. There is a person I go with alot of the time who works at 'man's best friend' here in Houston who finds pits or bullys on the street, takes em in to train them and then finds a permanent home. I got with him and his pack alot and we all work on the end where no dogs usually go. It's a very large park. I know dogs can still run up to us but we are regulars there and people know when we are working to not let there dogs in our area. That being said, if a dog does come, we shorten the leads and use this time for more work. Roxy must come by my left side and lie down and do not give the random dog the time of day.
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