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Inexpensive Raised Food Dish Idea.
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I dont know if anything like this has been posted before. I have heard of some deep chested Pitbulls getting bloat from eating out of food dishes on the floor. A friend of mine almost lost his Pitbull to bloat. So, we looked around for raised food dishes but they were either real flimsy, or too expensive. So I just made some.

I just went to Walmart and bought two $3 storage bins of the right height. Then I bought two metal food dishes with wide lips, also at walmart, they were $4 a piece. Then I just cut the appropriate sized hole in the lid of the storage bin and placed the dish in the hole, viola, raised food dish.

You can store your dry dog food in the bins.
(Sorry about the dirty food dishes in the pictures, I do clean them twice a week!!!)

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